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Botanical inspired art & design

Flowers connect you to


Explore the natural, botanical world of Amanda O’Bryan’s Art and Design,
and unearth your inner Creative Queen Bee amidst the blooms.

Unlock your inner artist

Discover Watercolour Painting

Explore an outlet for your artistic potential and immerse yourself in a world of flowing pigments, and the mindful escape of florals.

Reserve your afternoon of dream painting and join us at the Lorn Rose Farm for a beautiful watercolour workshop. Spaces are limited, and the world is waiting to see your masterpiece. Saturday, December 9th, 2023.












I’m Amanda, an artist, designer and author from the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia. My artwork and design connects people to the wonder, joy and love of creativity through the nurturing language of botanicals.


Give the meaningful moments in your life everlasting appreciation. Let’s make a one-of-a kind, original artwork or design, together.

Amanda O'Bryan Art and Design Commissions Hunter Valley NSW
Amanda O'Bryan Daily Acts Of Creativity Home cta


Come on a deep dive into living a happier, healthier, more connected life through intentional creativity. Daily Acts Of Creativity is a heart-felt reset for those looking to create a more fulfilled and balanced life. 



‘REALM’ The CREATIVE world of 15 artists

‘REALM’ The CREATIVE world of 15 artists

I am thrilled to be part of the Newcastle Artists Collective co-curating a new group exhibition at the Owens Collective 10 – 19 November.
‘Realm’ – represents the inner and outer lives of the 15 participating artists, their imaginations, the landscapes within which they create and the space of uncertainty, ambiguity and unknown that they inhabit.

discover watercolour painting

discover watercolour painting

It is your time to explore an outlet for your artistic potential. Immerse yourself in a world of flowing pigments, serene landscape, and the soothing escape of florals. Welcome to the Watercolour Workshop at Lorn Rose Farm, where your artistic journey blossoms.



Step into the world of Meadow – paintings to mediate on nature's renewal through the magic of flowers. Join Hunter Valley artist Amanda O’Bryan at her solo exhibition Meadow - let the flowers speak...

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