explore the artistic wonder and joy of the creative spirit.

Creative Queen Bees is about exploring the artistic wonder and joy of the creative spirit.

Hello, I’m Amanda O’Bryan, an illustrator, artist and designer creating meaningful creative experiences that uplift and inspire other people. I believe in the healing, restoring, and transformative power of creativity and endeavor to experience it daily through my art, illustration, watercolour and acrylic painting, design, and writing and coaching.

Botanicals and florals are my muse, not only for their inherent beauty, also because flowers, herbs, nature is an exquisite lesson in creative growth.

Every flower grows uniquely, as does creativity. Botanicals, particularly flowers have symbolism, purpose, and meaning with a sacred language expressed with creative beauty, and importantly, without bees, a flower cannot bloom.

“For bees, the flower is the foundation of life. For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love”.

Kahil Gilbran, artist and writer in the 1800’s.

In my creative work, I aim to express the language of wonder, connection, love, and nurturing creativity.

  • My illustrations and designs are available via my online shop, by commission, or under license.
  • In my popular watercolour workshops, I teach painting techniques alongside guiding you to embrace your inner artist.
  • My book – Daily Acts Of Creativity, is a deep dive into living a healthier, more connected, authentic life through intentional creativity and is available in the online shop.
  • As a creativity mentor, I guide you to confidently connect with and cultivate curiosity, discover deeper meaning, develop a purposeful passion, and grow into a happy, healthy and creatively fulfilled life.

I hope you find your sense of creative beauty among the blooms at Creative Queen Bees.

Amanda x

Spark your inner Creative Queen Bee

with Daily Acts of Creativity

Come on a deep dive into living a healthier, more connected, authentic life through intentional creativity, with me. I will take you on a gentle and life-affirming journey of self-love and self-expression that fosters a state of creative well-being. My uplifting book was born through my recovery from Ovarian Cancer and is designed as a heart-felt reset for those looking to create a more fulfilled and balanced life. Be the artist in the creative process of your own life through daily acts of creativity.


with an artwork commission

In many ways, my artwork is much like Floriography, exploring the symbolism and meaning of botanicals. My artwork and design commissions are expressions of your meaning and can symbolise love, joy, well-being, confidence, abundance, balance, peace, beauty, or celebration for everlasting connection.


Amanda O’Bryan is an artist, illustrator, designer, author and creativity mentor. Amanda invites people of all walks of life to embrace the role creativity can play in their lives through her floral-inspired artwork and commissions, together with her art workshops, public speaking, coaching program and the book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity’.

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