Are sunny day decisions draining your creative energy?

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Are sunny day decisions draining your creative energy?

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Creativity


Hello Creative QB’s,

Do you make sunny day decisions that you later regret?

OMG, I do! Today is a sunny day. It feels playful, fresh and new.

On sunny days, I say yes to things way too impulsively. When the day comes around to act upon my decision, I’m like, why did I say yes to this?

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On the surface, a sunny day decision may feel right, but NO! It’s a trick of the sun, a trick of the universe, a trick of the light.

In the past, I have stayed in situations or agreements because I felt so guilty and upset about letting people down. A perfect example is taking on jobs that don’t light me up.

I used to say yes for many reasons – I felt obligated, I felt sorry for people, I felt like it was my responsibility, I felt like no-one else could help them (geez, that one is a clanger), I felt it would be a good career move or I did it for the money – the worst reason ever by the way.

I would push myself into a corner, actually more like a deep black hole and I’d turn myself inside out to please people, to be nice, to do anything but feel guilty. I would then resent the situation or the work and the people. I’d be unhappy and miserable and hate it when the sun came out cause I was stuck in a storm.

Back then I never considered I could change my mind, midway. Instead, I tried other things, like changing my mindset, it worked for a while, I tried forgiveness, yep that works, and I kept forgiving still. I tried taking time away from the situation, it worked also, but the knot in my gut just got tighter, I felt more guilty, like a shitty terrible person because I was letting other people down. The truth is the only person I was letting down and making miserable was myself. 

This is no way to live a happy, healthy, creative life – right?

I had to work on my overdeveloped sense of responsibility and make peace with changing my mind, looking irresponsible, letting people down, being flakey, flighty and the worst ever, being selfish! 

I had to learn to check in with my gut, not just on sunny days, buy every day and trust it, I had to learn to say NO.

For a people pleaser like me, saying NO is sooo hard! 

I tapped into the impact of doing what people expected of me, rather than what I expected of myself. I discovered I had no permission to create expectations, wants, or desires for myself. I thought that every situation was ‘meant to be’ or I had no choice. The result was:

  • It drained my zest for life, let me burnout. 
  • It Depleted my creative energy and made me sick.

I don’t want that for you. You can say no. You don’t have to struggle, feel guilty, deplete your energy, or get sick, you can change the situation now.

How to make happier, healthy, creative choices.

Being creative helps us change. Creativity helps us muscle up our intuition. Trusting your gut feeling, tapping into your intuition, helps to recognise guilt and people-pleasing for what it is, an empty emotion.  

  1. To listen to your intuition, learn to quieten the distractions, so you can hear where your decision-making lies – in the ‘should’s’ or in the freedom to explore your heart’s desire?

  2. Doing a creative activity, like writing, drawing, quilting, journalling, cooking, gardening or even walking in nature, brings you into flow and taps into your subconsciousness. Creativity is just your natural energy expressing itself through play, experimentation and adventure.


  3. In a creative state, you can bring your mind to the particular situation that is giving your grief and ask, is this situation for me? Does it light me up? Does it spark a new idea or create energy that interests me? Let it ponder, boil and bubble in your subconscious until it breaks through with the answer. Intuitively you will know the answer, it will light you up, it will spark your desire and call you forward with fresh new ideas and enthusiasm. 

But here is the twist – your state of flow is not linear or static. You may find yourself having to ask if a situation is right for you many times, it changes all the time. Remaining open, curious, playful and not attached to the outcome, but committed to the learning is what is required…and step back in touch with your original decision making when the sun was shining and everything seemed possible, what truth lies for you there?

Happy sunny days to you.

Amanda ♥

There are many ways to practice being in a creative state of flow. Learning how to make creativity part of your life, the way you think and feel is a great place to start. I’d love you to start today. 

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Hello, I am Amanda O’Bryan, a designer, artist, founder of Creative Queen Bees and author of the book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity‘. I  have a passion for injecting creativity and positivity into life, business and at home.


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