Are you a daydream believer?

Unlock your inner artist.

Immerse yourself in the mindful world of flowing pigments and explore an outlet for your artistic potential with watercolour painting


The Lorn Rose Farm is perfect place to give yourself time out for a unique journey into unlocking your creativity.


Where your artistic journey has time to blossom with a guide for your every brushstroke.


Personalised attention and support for you to discover and nurture your artistic talent for watercolour painting. Suitable for beginners or intermediates.


Quality hand-chosen materials, refreshments, and a farm-fresh afternoon tea, allowing you to focus solely on your watercolour art

Who has time for daydreaming? Who has time to waste? Daydreaming gets such a bad wrap, but if you are not daydreaming, you could be missing out on a whole world of new possibilities.

Your ability to think creatively, be innovate and bring ideas to fruition hinges on often being “off in the clouds”. The world has changed, and the future currency of business will be its ability to adapt and innovate. Creative problem solving through creative thinking provides endless opportunities to endless amounts of business problems to solve.

Put your hand up if you where one of those kids who sat at your desk, dreaming off into the horizon. Was your school report like mine? “Amanda is required to concentrate more and stop daydreaming in class”. If your report looked like that, then lets all give ourselves A++ because it means you are a daydream believer.

A daydreamer is a creative marvel, daydreamers possess true creative insight, a daydreamer is an innovator, a daydream is never a waste of time.

Recent psychology studies show that is only takes twelve minutes per day of daydreaming or mind-wandering to bring about creative solutions.

Twelve minutes is achievable, twelve minutes is wander-able, who does not have 12 minutes in their day? Most of us are daydreaming without even realising, imagine what it may be like if you could consciously bring twelve minutes of daydreaming into your everyday?

Creative people are expert daydreamers and one of the key characteristics of creative ‘types’ is the ability to be reflective. Personal reflection provides creative insight, and personal reflection is only available when you take time out and let your mind-wander. Some of the worlds largest and most successful companies recongnise and understand that creativity makes them the most innovative companies in the world. Companies like Google and 3M give staff ‘space’ to daydream and come up with ideas.

So give yourself space to be a daydreamer. Develop a muscle for daydreaming, just 12 minutes a day and get top for marks daydreaming doodling and colouring outside the lines.



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