Meadow, let the flowers tend to you

Solo Exhibition | June 2023
LEDA Gallery, Newcastle

An exhibition about the natural cycles of growth and change, inviting you to contemplate the dualities of life. From seeding to regeneration, even in the peacefulness of a meadow, life is constantly transforming. Artists, like Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, and Constable, were inspired by the allure of transformation in meadow flowers. As Monet once said, “The meadow changes with every moment, but its atmosphere always exudes vitality”.

The collection seeks to evoke the experience of creative visualisation, a meditation from the imagination as expressive abstract paintings. Continuing the themes of healing, change and growth, the exhibition will show works on canvas, hanging drapes, assemblages, and canvas collages.

Amanda O'Bryan Art and Design Meadow Exhibition Hunter Valley NSW

The After

Group Exhibition | March 10-19 2023
Art Systems Wickham

The exhibition is a collection of works from 13 artists from ‘The Art Collective’ – a Newcastle and Hunter valley based group of Artist who have come together to support each other’s professional and personal artistic growth.

The theme ‘The After’ has been explored by each artist in a unique and diverse way resulting in an engaging, eclectic mix of mediums and approaches, including painting, photography, sculpture and installation. The artwork is a reflection on what our own personal ‘After’ is – a catalyst in our life that is a distinct marker in time, personal growth or change in perspective. 



The Buildup

Group Exhibition | June 17 – 26 2022
Newcastle Art Space

Title: Forager

Drape 1: 900mm x 910mm  
Drape 2 and 3: 2100mm x 850mm 

Forager speaks to the seeking of life as a creative process in transformation and growth. The forager seeks soul food through states of flow that carry energy, direction and holds space in motion while navigating creative and emotional artefacts of the human psyche. 

As part of my participation in the NAS 2022 mentor/mentoree program, I became the forager. The opporutnity to seek growth and transformation, was critical to my evoloving process, both conceptually and in my artistic practice. 

The work is grouped in three panels, hanging as an immersive viewpoint. The conceptual elements of nature as amorphous – always changing and adapting to the surrounding forces, in a constant state of flux, draws comparision to the relationship to growth during the mentorship. I use this in my process, flooding raw canvas with watery and painterly glazes and veils, building layers that bleed through, nebulously revealing the history and connection of the work.

Painted with rubbings and scrapings from items foraged in nature, colour is a compositional device, reinforcing the intersection between gestural urgency in my mark making. 


Aqueous – made of water

Solo Exhibition | April 29 – May 10 2022
The Owens Collective, Newcastle

An exhibition of paintings by Amanda O’Bryan that explores the emotional connection between water as an essential life force and the creative process of transformation and growth. 

The paintings are lyrical abstracts, energetic and expressive, that are forged through the fluidity of water and paint, creating organic floral shapes that are gestural in colour and form, rendering the emotion, power, healing and transformative nature of creativity and water.

View the full Aqueous catalogue




Group Exhibition | 7 – 16 August 2021
The Owens Collective

Following a ten month atelier (workshop) at Newcastle ArtSpace, under the mentorship of renowned Australian landscape artist John Morris, three local emerging artists move into the public realm with a group exhibition. Exhibiting as The Ateliers, Amanda O’Bryan, Alanya van de Wiel and Geoffrey Holmes-Howitt show works based on their diverse approaches to abstraction. Each artist explores their visual language connected by a common group dynamic in the theme of Willful.



All art is signed and dated on reverse. Additional images are available on request for more detailed viewing of the art.

Framing options are available. National and international shipping is arranged before purchase via email. Local delivery in the Hunter Valley is arranged FOC.

Please visit Exhibition Highlights for the a full catalogue of works.

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