Brand Love and Creative Love

Brand Love and Creative Love

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Creativity For Business

Hello Creative QB’s,

I am thrilled to be launching my series of masterclass workshops; ‘Brand Love’ on October 20th and ‘Creative Love’ on November 24th.

By Amanda
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I’ve been busting to run workshops ever since moving back to the Hunter last year. I really want to offer workshops that are fun, inspirational and provide breakthrough actions that small business and creative people can use immediately, that’s why I’ve decided to run the workshops in an unconventional space, among beautiful flowers in the Creative Hub at Newcastle Flower Markets. I’m even more excited about collaborating with  Girl Boss Tribe Australia to bring these workshops to life.

In the ‘Brand Love’ masterclass, I will share why the secret to great branding is about aligning your passion with purpose, your vision with values and your creativity with strategy to create a brand you and your customers love.

Understanding what the big creative idea of your brand is, and how to align it with your marketing is a game changer for small business. The ‘Brand Love’ masterclass brings that altogether and provides clarity and direction in a very hands on, creative, but practical way.

‘Creative Love’ is about making 2019 your most creative year ever! One of the most common things people say to me is “I know that I am meant to be doing something, I just don’t know what it is”. The ‘Creative Love’ workshop will give you creative clarity, build creative confidence, discover your creative calling and explore your creative swagger.

I’m going to be bringing my knowledge and experience in creative, brand and small business, include cutting edge techniques in creative problem solving I gained through with my training at the Creative Problem Solving Institute at Buffalo University in New York. This really helps other business owners, brand builders and creative start-ups to think about their business and life in an entirely different and creative way.

‘Brand Love’ on the 20th October and ‘Creative Love’ on the 24th November workshop tickets are $98 each with half price tickets for Girl Boss Tribe Members.

PLUS – Canva for Business on 17th November (at the Hunter Valley Business Hub) workshop tickets are $115 for a 4 hour workshop.

All workshops include a with workbook, cheat sheets and designer tips included.

>> To book tickets and see full details, CLICK HERE

We all want love – either in life or business. If we can bring more love into the world, it makes a happier, healthier more creative way to be.


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