Creativity buzzing for small business

Creativity is one of the key ingredients to running a successful business. We all have a creative side and the trick is to find that unique touch that will make your business sparkle and attract customers to you.

Creativity is invigorating – it’s an opportunity to release stuck energy and to build something new. When we allow ourselves to be creative we feed this energy back into our business. We all express our creativity in different ways. Whether it’s designing a fabulous poster for your shop window, making an offer to your online customers or creating a new product line.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the creative energy flowing and at these times rather than sit and stew over a problem it’s best to try to remove yourself from your work space and play. Go for a walk and enjoy the season changes, meditate, run a bath, plant a new garden, make a curry, sing loudly in the kitchen, dig out a paintbrush and spruce up a piece of furniture or splash some colour on a canvas. It doesn’t matter how small the activity, the key is to lose yourself in the activity, because it allows your logic brain to quieten and your creative brain to kick into gear. This new energy and enthusiasm is often all you need to tilt the problem on its axis and for a creative solution to appear.

As a graphic and web designer,  it’s my other creative pursuit as a singer/songwriter that allows me to immerse myself in creativity. “The free creative expression of making music gives me a break from deadlines and design briefs and keeps my mind open to new ideas”. I started Creative Queen Bees to help others tap into their creativity and to inspire positive changes in their business.



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