Amanda O’Bryan

Event speaker, podcasts, workshop facililator

Amanda O’Bryan has an unrelenting passion for helping people re-imagine their creativity as a state of well-being and live confidently happy, healthy and creative lives.

With over 20+ years as a creative professional, education and world-class training in creativity, Amanda is an experienced speaker and creativity facilitator.

Amanda shares her secret recipe for being more creative. From ultimate perfectionist superhero working mother, burnt-out, sick and diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, to re-imagining her creativity as a state of wellbeing and finding greater balance. Amanda is now the Creative Queen Bee of her own life and career.

Amanda’s speaking style is uplighting, playful, hands-on, and always includes some audience participation and interaction.


Topics and talking points:

How to find happiness, health and a deep sense of meaning, purpose and connection through creativity.

Talking & Writing Points

♥ Amanda’s uplifting personal story born of recovery from Ovarian Cancer as a heart-felt reset for those looking to create a more fulfilled and balanced life of meaning and purpose with love, laughter, and simple joys.

♥ What creativity really is and why it is so important for your wellbeing.

♥ The undiscovered beliefs that hold you back from creating more freedom and confidence in your everyday life.

♥ The biological proof that women are wired for creativity.

♥ Creative mindset that will help overcome creative blocks.

♥ Life-long creative habits that change the chemical wiring of your brain for improved health and wellbeing.

♥ How to create a everyday practice that aligns you with your natural gifts and talents.


  • How creativity teaches us to fail for success.
  • How to style up your creativity to access your natural gifts and talents.
  • Daily, creative wellbeing rituals that build confidence and resilience.
  • Re-imagine, re-configure and re-set your life with the power of creative ‘Re’ energy.
  • “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” Healing old broken creative bones for living a fully expressed life.
  • Life is the masterpiece, you are the artist – hands-on ways to unlock your creativity for a happy, healthy and creative life.
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