Cultivate curiosity for creativity in everyday life

Cultivate curiosity for creativity in everyday life

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Creativity

Hello Creative QB’s,

Have you ever meet a Turtle you didn’t like? How do you be like a turtle, stay home and be creative.

Read on about how to cultivate curiosity for creativity in your everyday life – even through uncertain times.

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For the record, I’ve never meet a Turtle I didn’t like. They are very clever creatures. They live permanently in their house, are great at keeping themselves safe and adapt to long periods of hibernation. They have a very creative built in natural breathing system and it does a great job at keeping them alive under the hood.

Unlike a turtle, one day, we will be COVID safe and able to crawl out from under our shell and wander freely in the world. But for now we need to be like the turtle, safely distanced and mostly in our house.

So how do we keep breathing, connected and creative in these enduring times?

We can learn to be more creative in everyday ways. The way to do it, is with our own built in natural system; curiosity and imagination.

We all have curiosity and imagination, which is why we are better at being humans rather than turtles.

Albert Einstien said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Elizabeth Gilbert says “the real key to an interesting and creative life is to follow your curiosity” and Alice followed the rabbit down the hole, (by the way, Alice in Wonderland is a beautiful metaphorical tale of how living a creative life is an adventure in self awareness and Wonderland, really means ‘curious’ land).

If nothing else, think about this…I am curious, therefore I am creative.

You can cultivate a curious nature for a more successful and creative life by having an open mind, that is;

  1. Being open to new ideas,
  2. Being willing to see things differently

An open mind is the cornerstone characteristic nature of a creative person.

For example:

Here is an example of how you can cultivate curiosity for creativity in your everyday life and still be like a turtle, staying safe in your house.

When you think about your own life, is there someone, who no matter how much mud is flying around them, always has a positive and open attitude? Do they seem endlessly interested and excited in everything, ask heaps of questions and approach life challenges like they are a little blimp on their big life adventure?

If you have a person like this in your life, take a trick from them, start being more deeply curious about them. Start a conversation with a question, like Liz Gilbert, who asks “So what are you curious about these days” watch their face light up (on video chat of course) or listen to the excitement in their voice (on the phone) as they describe their passion.

That feeling is contagious, it really is. Catch their passion in your own everyday life simply by having more conversations with people and asking more questions.

When you ask more questions you discover curiosity is it’s own reward and can lead to real creative breakthrough.

Consider being more creative as being a curious seeker.

Seeking leads you to ways of being and doing that you may not normally consider ok or comfortable within your own personality. You may have a belief, that different is wrong or a mistake. But instead of considering them as mistakes, consider them as clues to answers. Also when you are curious you tend not to be as attached to a particular outcome, freeing you up to release the need of tight control. By getting more comfortable with being curious, it helps soften you into uncertainty and can even relive anxiety.

Curiosity will stretch your openness to imagination. I say stretch, because, curiosity and imagination are already within you, it comes naturally, but from being in hibernation too long, ie, forgetting you are creative, it has possibility slackened off your ability to stretch.

If you need some extra help with cultivating curiosity, I have a FREE 10 day Be Creative Quickstart. It’s re-set for living a happy, healthy, creative life. All you need is a few household items, pen, paper and of course, curiosity.

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If nothing else, just it will pique your curiosity and start your wondering!

And a final note to leave you with, like the turtle, slow and steady wins the race.

A happy, healthy, creative day to you!

Amanda ♥



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  1. Mum and Dad

    Beautifully shared, with love from the Turtles in your life!


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