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Daily Acts Of Creativity, the podcast for students and teachers created to support student’s wellbeing while studying online or at home.

A thirty part podcast series for students to explore short, simple, easy and fun creative activities in dance, drama, music, photography and visual arts with the addition of wellbeing.

Hosted by high school CAPA (Creative and Performing Visual Arts), teacher, Fiona Corcoran, and adapted from Amanda O’Bryan’s book, Daily Acts Of Creativity, the activities in the podcast support the NSW Secondary Schools CAPA curriculum, but anyone can enjoy the activities – you don’t need to be a high school student to have fun.

Each activity is approx. ten minutes long and you don’t need special knowledge or skills either.

Everything you need to complete the activities you will find around the house and it won’t make a mess! Each activity is designed to have a cumulative effect so that on completion of the exercises you will feel happier, healthier and more creative.


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