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Watercolour Workshop with Artist Amanda O'Bryan Creative Queen Bees - Lorn Rose Farm -116

Discover watercolour painting
at the Lorn Rose Farm

It’s your time to discover watercolour painting and unlock your inner artist.

My name is Amanda O’Bryan, local Lorn artist, designer and author of the book, Daily Acts Of Creativity. (You might have seen the mural I painted on the side of the cottage at the Rose Farm as you drive by).

I invite you to immerse yourself in the mindful world of flowing pigments and explore an outlet for your artistic potential with watercolour painting. Welcome to the Watercolour Workshop at the Lorn Rose Farm, where your artistic journey has time to blossom, with me, guiding your every brushstroke.

Amidst the enchanting surroundings of farm-grown roses and flowers you’ll find a space, to not only paint but to let your soul breathe as my VIP (very important painter).

My popular VIP workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm have are the perfect place to give yourself time out for a unique journey into unlocking your creativity –  it’s the perfect environment to guide you through the delicate dance between technique and mindfulness to express yourself authentically through watercolours.

Workshop Highlights:

Intimate Group Setting: Limited spots ensure my personalised attention and support for you to discover and nurture your artistic talent for watercolour painting. Suitable for beginners or intermediates alike, even if you have not picked up a paintbrush since high school – or ever!

Professional Guidance: As an artist, I have years of experience and a passion for nurturing individual creativity and I teach you the art of watercolour painting as a meditative practice. With an important emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of the process, I provide you with my unique, step-by-step process, allowing you to absorb the techniques and gain confidence in your creativity and ability to grow as a watercolour painter.

Inspiring Location: Showcasing the beautiful ambiance of the Lorn Rose Farm, with its blooming roses and flowers, it is a wellspring of inspiration. The Lorn Rose Farm is a serene backdrop for your creativity to season and the ONLY place I offer this watercolour workshop – simply, it’s the most perfect place to support your natural creativity.

Be a VIP: As my VIP (very important painter), you will enjoy a floral-inspired, stylishly-curated experience. My watercolour workshops become cherished memories for people who gain a newfound passion for their creativity. Plus taking the time to unplug and reconnect in an afternoon escape that is just for you is restorative!

All-inclusive Experience: Enjoy quality hand-chosen materials, refreshments, and a farm-fresh afternoon tea, allowing you to focus solely on your art. Plus my insider pro-tips learned from years of experience, (information you won’t learn on Youtube or TikTok!!!) will keep you focused on feeling confident and comfortable in your artistic journey.

BONUS: Take home your completed composition in a mount-board mat – it’s ready to frame and hang to the envy of all your friends!

Book your spot in our next workshop. (Please book early, as stops fill fast).

Lorn Rose Farm Studio Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop- Trish Evans Photography--118
Lorn Rose Farm Studio Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop- Trish Evans Photography-159
Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop with Artist Amanda O'Bryan
Watercolour Workshop Lorn Rose Farm ©Amanda O'Bryan Workshop 1


A behind-the-scenes look at my watercolour workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm.

Seven years ago, my family embraced a local lifestyle change in the cute village of Lorn, nestled on the banks of Hunter River in Maitland, in the Hunter Valley. This decision came after a tumultuous period marked by my cancer diagnosis, a time that taught me the importance of reconnecting with family and creativity.

Returning to Lorn felt like coming full circle for me. Born and raised just a stone’s throw away, I had always harbored a fondness for this little village, with its Victorian and Australian federation homes. Having lived away for over 20 years, I often found myself dreaming of living in Lorn one day, and when the opportunity arose, it felt like destiny.

One of the cherished landmarks in Lorn is the Lorn Rose Farm, beloved by locals who share their connections and stories of the place. When the current owners, Denise & Mark Duffield-Thomas bought the farm, Denise shared with me how she also had a profound sense of coming home. When our paths crossed Denise approached me for help in shaping the vision for the Rose Farm’s branding, as her and Mark embarked on the ambitious journey of restoring the farm after years of neglect.

At our first meeting, I gifted Denise with a small watercolor illustration—a “welcome to the neighborhood” gesture of their beloved vintage Chevy with an abundance of roses flowing from the truck. Little did I know that this humble gift would become the unofficial inspiration for the farm’s brand, capturing the whimsy, romance, and beauty that defines it. The illustration found its place as a beautiful mural that I painted on the cottage – it was an absolute delight to paint as it’s become a beacon of joy for the local community and those who visit.


 As Denise envisioned opening the farm to visitors, she saw an opportunity to share its magic through workshops and retreats. This resonated deeply with me as an illustrator and artist. I believe that the environment in which we create plays a pivotal role in nurturing our creativity. In our everyday lives, we don’t always have access to such an environment, so the Lorn Rose Farm, with its tranquil ambiance and natural surroundings, provides the perfect backdrop for participants to unleash their creativity and find inspiration in every brushstroke as something they may not otherwise have.

My initial painting workshops were conceived as VIP art picnics on the farmhouse verandah and became a cherished retreat for enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the art of watercolor with the neighbouring cows right alongside us in the next paddock.

However, our plans faced unforeseen challenges with the onset of Covid and council planning approvals. The farm shut its doors until these setbacks were resolved and our Art Picnics went into hiatus. Fast forward a year, and the farm underwent a beautiful renovation, welcoming visitors once again to buy roses at the farm gate shop, and have elopement weddings and cozy stays at the main farmhouse Airbnb.

With the farm open, I could again offer watercolour workshops, this time in the Studio at the Lorn Rose Farm. I could not be more excited. Teaching watercolor workshops isn’t just teaching; it’s a deeply personal endeavor that resonates with my own art practice. Mentoring participants through the process as they learn how to tap into their creative flow through the mindful art of watercolour painting, often with little or no experience is truly magical. Witnessing the openness and growth of each participant in such a short amount of time (just an afternoon) is a constant source of wonder that only seems to deepen with time.

For me, painting isn’t just about creating beautiful art; it’s a form of self-expression and a means of connecting with your creativity. Often for participants, it’s the first time they have painted or had the time to connect with the creative mindfullness of flow. The surroundings at the farm provide the perfect backdrop for creative exploration and discovery.

Running workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm allows me to share not only my watercolour techniques, but also the essence of what it means to create from the heart. It’s about more than just mastering brushstrokes; it’s about cultivating a mindful approach to art that fosters a deeper connection with oneself and the world around us. It’s a IRL (in real life) experience I and others are craving more and more now.

In essence, it’s a chance to blend my passion for watercolour art with my desire to create meaningful creative experiences that uplift and inspire other people. It’s a privilege to guide others on their creative journey in a place that holds such significance for me personally, and I am grateful for the opportunity and to share this special space with fellow VIPS (very important painters) who seek beauty in creativity.


If you would like to join me at one of our next workshops, book your spot ↓

Or if you are hearing the call to be more creative, start with my book, Daily Acts of Creativity HERE

You can also see check out the fun we have on Facebook and Instagram – @creativequeenbees.

I can’t wait to see you in your creative flow.


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