discover watercolour painting

Watercolour Workshop with Artist Amanda O'Bryan Creative Queen Bees - Lorn Rose Farm -116

Discover water colour painting
at the Lorn Rose Farm

It’s your time to discover watercolour painting and unlock your inner artist, with me, guiding your every brushstroke.

My name is Amanda O’Bryan, local Lorn artist, designer and author of the book, Daily Acts Of Creativity. (You might have seen the mural I painted on the side of the cottage at the Rose Farm as you drive by).

I invite you to immerse yourself in the mindful world of flowing pigments and explore an outlet for your artistic potential with watercolour painting. Welcome to the Watercolour Workshop at the Lorn Rose Farm, where your artistic journey has time to blossom.

Amidst the enchanting surroundings of farm-grown roses and flowers you’ll find a space, to not only paint but to let your soul breathe as my VIP (very important painter).

My popular VIP workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm have been a few years in hiatus while major restorative work to the rose tunnels, flower beds, the farmhouse, barn and studio took place. 

Simply, the Lorn Rose Farm is the perfect place to give yourself time out for a unique journey into unlocking your creativity –  it’s the perfect environment to guide you through the delicate dance between technique and mindfulness to express yourself authentically through watercolours.

Workshop Highlights:

Intimate Group Setting: Limited spots ensure my personalised attention and support for you to discover and nurture your artistic talent for watercolour painting. Suitable for beginners or intermediates alike, even if you have not picked up a paintbrush since high school – or ever!

Professional Guidance: As an artist, I have years of experience and a passion for nurturing individual creativity and I teach you the art of watercolour painting as a meditative practice. With an important emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of the process, I provide you with my unique, step-by-step process, allowing you to absorb the techniques and gain confidence in your creativity and ability to grow as a watercolour painter.

Inspiring Location: Showcasing the beautiful ambiance of the Lorn Rose Farm, with its blooming roses and flowers, it is a wellspring of inspiration. The Lorn Rose Farm is a serene backdrop for your creativity to season and the ONLY place I offer this watercolour workshop – simply, it’s the most perfect place to support your natural creativity.

Be a VIP: As my VIP (very important painter), you will enjoy a floral-inspired, stylishly-curated experience. My watercolour workshops become cherished memories for people who gain a newfound passion for their creativity. Plus taking the time to unplug and reconnect in an afternoon escape that is just for you is restorative!

All-inclusive Experience: Enjoy quality hand-chosen materials, refreshments, and a farm-fresh afternoon tea, allowing you to focus solely on your art. Plus my insider pro-tips learned from years of experience, (information you won’t learn on Youtube or TikTok!!!) will keep you focused on feeling confident and comfortable in your artistic journey.

CHRISTMAS BONUS: Take home your completed composition in a mount-board mat – it’s ready to frame and hang to the envy of all your friends!

PLUS – We will be photographing your completed artwork on the day and Amanda will prepare it as a digital file, ready for you to print as a special Christmas card or print for friends and family.

Discover the Artist Within and reserve your afternoon of dream painting today.

Lorn Rose Farm Studio Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop- Trish Evans Photography--118
Lorn Rose Farm Studio Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop- Trish Evans Photography-159
Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop with Artist Amanda O'Bryan

Join us at the Lorn Rose Farm for a beautiful Christmas theme watercolour workshop. Spaces are limited, and the world is waiting to see your masterpiece.

9th December 2023
1.30pm – 4.30pm
Lorn Rose Farm Studio
Glenarvon Rd, Lorn, Hunter Valley, NSW


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