Does being creative make you happier?

Six reasons why starting a creative hobby will make you happier & healthier.


In the pursuit of happiness and well-being, it may be a creative hobby that is the answer.

Remember hobbies? I do. I remember Holly Hobbie, one year my sister got a Holly Hobbie drawing table and I was green with envy! Hobbies are back.

For over a decade or more we have been calling hobbies passion projects and side-hustles but the humble hobby is making a big return without the ‘downhome’ image problem it once had.

Any day of the week is an ideal time to start a hobby, take up a long forgotten passion or find some peace, in an creative outlet. When you find yourself grappling with challenges that dim your joy,  hobbies can provide a way to navigate through stress, and anxiety, and leave you with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

The Role of Creativity in Wellbeing

Research consistently highlights the positive impact of hobbies and creative pursuits on mental health. A recent study by Harvard Health, learned that engaging in a hobby can enhance your well-being by providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

In my book, Daily Acts Of Creativity, I write about daily, intentional, purposeful creative activities that lead to a meaningful life and how it’s a powerful force for good. A creative hobby, passion, activity goes beyond being a mere pastime; it becomes a purposeful activity that contributes to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, with real-life wellbeing benefits.

Engaging in hobbies, ranging from arts and crafts to gardening, writing, dancing – and even volunteering, all provide access to creativity.  

six reasons why creative activities are linked to good mental health and wellbeing.

1. Creativity: Unleashing the Imagination

Researchers affirm that creative activities, such as art, painting and drawing stimulate the imagination and foster a sense of innovation. The act of creating something new, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a creative project, engages the mind in a way that promotes joy and fulfillment.

2. Sensory Engagement: A Multisensory Experience

Creative hobbies often involve a rich sensory experience. Gardening, for example is one of my most delightful obsessions, it allows for connection with nature, feeling the soil in between my hands and witnessing the vibrant colors of blossoming flowers and their growth is both awe-inspiring and grounding. This holistic sensory engagement provides a therapeutic effect, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

3. Self-Expression: Finding Your Voice

Engaging in creative activities that allow for self-expression, such as writing, painting, or playing musical instruments, provides an outlet for emotions and thoughts. This form of personal expression is a crucial aspect of mental well-being, offering a means to articulate feelings that may be challenging to express verbally.

4. Relaxation: A Calming Escape

Hobbies aligned with creativity often act as a retreat from the demands of daily life. Whether it’s playing games, immersing oneself in a good book, or pursuing a favorite pastime, these activities provide a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. The meditative quality of certain hobbies contributes to a sense of calm and inner peace.

5. Cognitive Stimulation: Exercising the Mind

Keeping the mind active is essential for mental health. Creative hobbies that teach the learning of new skills stimulate cognitive function, enhance memory, problem-solving abilities, and overall brain health. This cognitive engagement is particularly beneficial for maintaining mental acuity as we age.

6. Social Connection: Combating Loneliness

Participating in creative hobby groups such as painting workshops not only provides a platform for shared interests but also fosters social connections. Human beings are inherently social creatures, and maintaining a sense of community helps combat loneliness and isolation. Whether it’s discussing shared hobbies, collaborating on projects, or simply enjoying each other’s company, these interactions contribute to a positive sense of belonging.

The Gateway to Happiness: A Creative Hobby

Happiness and purpose is a way of life, rather than a destination. The answer to a happier and healthier life, potentially lies in the world of creativity, particularly in a hobby, activity, passion or project. Engaging in activities like painting, writing, or gardening, knitting, crafting, stitching, doodling or baking not only acts as a stress reliever but also fosters a positive mindset and takes you on a journey of self-discovery and awareness.

So as you embark on this journey of creativity, remember that happiness is not a destination; it’s a way of life. Embracing a creative hobby can be the catalyst for positive change in your well-being, help find purpose, and unleash your joy.

Here is to your hobby and creating your happy, healthy and creative life.

Be creative, Queen!
Amanda ♥

Ways to dive into a creative hobby

1. Read my book, Daily Acts of Creativity, it offers a daily dose of inspiration and over 100 creative activities to prompt and infuse creativity into your routine. It’s a guide to making every day a canvas for self-expression and fulfillment.

2. Discover your inner artist in the wonderful world of watercolour painting as our VIP (very important painter) and join one of our Watercolour Workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

3. Reach out to me and let’s talk chat about how I can support you on your path to a more happier, healthier and creative life.

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