‘REALM’ The CREATIVE world of 15 artists

Within the artist’s  ‘Realm’ are both the inner and outer lives of the artists, their imaginations, and the landscapes within which they live or create.

When creativity and community converge, there’s undeniable warmth and love in the room.

Often in moments of reflection, recalling times when you felt the most connected, inspired, and creatively alive, holds a key to our truest creative passions.

When the magic of being part of a community ignites creativity, the shared energy, the collective manifestation of ideas resonate deeply, especially when working towards a common intention.

Over the past four months, I’ve had the privilege of co-curating a group art exhibition, alongside 14 extraordinary artists. Together, we’ve embarked on a journey culminating in an exhibition opening this weekend.

As a collective, we’ve forged a close-knit community, bound by the theme of “Realm”. It encapsulates the inner and outer worlds we explore – our imaginations, the landscapes where our creations unfold, and the beautiful space of uncertainty and wonder we inhabit during the creative process.

The energy, the enthusiasm, and the connection we’ve shared, whether through our meticulously planned meetings or our collaborative efforts, have rekindled my own creative fire. It’s a vivid reminder of where my creativity truly flourishes.

about the realm exhibition:

Realm is an initiative of Newcastle Artists Collective,  founded in 2019 by, Alanya van de Wiel and myself, Amanda O’Bryan to foster an inspiring environment where artists can thrive and expand their art practice. 

Alanya and I started the group because we believe in community over competition and share a passion for learning, growth, and connection. We provide a positive space to come together and network, share, support and inspire one another. We’re passionate, committed and disciplined and very excited about this latest exhibition with many exciting plans for where the collective is heading and the new possibilities we’ll be offering members in 2024.

The Realm exhibition is the latest culmination of collaboration and community following on from the successful March exhibition, which was the collective’s first group showing.

The theme of ‘Realm’ inherently contains several layers of meaning and context, representing both the inner and outer lives of the artists, their imaginations, and the landscapes within which they live or create. It can also represent the sovereignty of living life as an artist that exists in a realm of uncertainty, ambiguity and the unknown and being comfortable in that space. The group of artists themselves – the Newcastle Artists Collective – can also be seen as the realm.

Participating artists include:

Alanya van de Wiel – Painting and Sculpture
Amanda O’Bryan – Painting
Bernie Heald – Photography
Julie Brondino – Painting
Haylee Renee Knight – Photography and Assemblage
Jo Shand – Painting
Sturt Krygsman – Painting
Izzy – Painting
Jane Kerrigan – Painting
Barbara Nanshe – Jewellery
Malcolm Sands – Painting
Jasmine Christie – Painting
Margot Broug – Painting
Lyn Herbert – Sculpture
Kathryn Taunton – Painting

Locally supported by Hungerford Hill Wines

Photo Credit: Oliver van Leeuwen

Lorn Rose Farm Studio Creative Queen Bees Watercolour Workshop- Trish Evans Photography--118

Join us at the opening or visit us in the gallery.

The Owens Collective 10-19

November 2023

Gallery open Fri, Sat, Sun, 9.30am-4.00pm

Opening Night Saturday 11 Nov 6-9pm

Shop B/101 Maitland Rd, Islington NSW


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