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Here’s how you can cultivate more creative love.

February is a month for lovers. With Valentine’s Day smack bang in the middle of the month, intentions of romantic love ripples either side of February 14th.

I love Valentine’s Day, and not for reasons you think. Valentine’s Day is my Birthday, and every year I get older, it’s a chance to fully embrace love as a wholehearted, full-life creative expression.

Between romantic dinners, love songs, poems penned about undying or dying love, books, pop culture and art, love is a universal language, a concept from which all kinds of creative works come alive.

Sure, I love the idea of romance, who doesn’t? But I’m not really a romantic love kind of person. I live more by the creed that romance is spontaneous, intimacy is forgiveness, and relationships are about learning. When it comes to self-love, it is a journey of worthiness, not centered in pampering love, although that is pretty nice too, self-love is ‘I am love’ it’s about how creativity is a manifestation of love. 

Creativity is an expression of love.

The relationship you have with yourself is the single most-loving, forgiving and kindest and creative relationship you can cultivate. Especially, cultivating creativity—whether through learning or experiences—the key is to sustain a passion for your life, for yourself beyond the beliefs and conditioning of say, something like Valentine’s Day. Developing a sense of mystery and surprise helps to counteract the story of unworthiness that can sometimes lead to creative blocks and fear over time. Cultivating self-love through creativity sparks your curiosity, encourages exploration of new things, and opens you to learn the unknown about yourself, your untold dreams, longings, playfulness, and surprises.
When you learn something new about yourself—whether it’s exciting and surprising or vulnerable and deep—you experience a sense of meaning making, a confident knowing, an adventure of what could be possible for yourself. There are yet-to-be-known mysteries and adventures to be explored from the depth well of love for yourself, an assuredness and confidence that attracts more creativity and passion for who you are.

What blocks you from expressing creative love?

Often, what holds you back from fully expressing love and kindness to yourself is the fear of being vulnerable. The fear of opening up to a part of yourself that is not convenient or outside of what is familiar, can often expose the truth of who you subconscoiusly think you are – ‘not good enough’, lot worthy enough’. This means that being creative, and creatively expressing life can feel deeply fearful, rather than being a playful and passionate activity. This can leave you with no space or time to get to know the creative you.

A great place to start expressive self-love is to ask some new questions about yourself. It may feel vulnerable, awkward and even a waste of time, remember to be playful with it, give yourself permission to be vulnerable, it will invite creativity into your heart, hands and mind and the person you meet may surprise you.

Try these opening starter questions…

“I feel most like me when…”
“I will never regret…”
“If I could have my time again I would”
“I remember when I was 10 I would…”

An extra special reminder for Valentine’s Day, is a rose. A rose, is a messenger of love, carrying deep symbolism beyond its beauty.
Every time you see a pink rose, it’s a reminder you are love, the embodiment of confidence, happiness and the joy of life.

Happy Valentine’s Day exploring your creative love.

Amanda ♥

Ways to dive into a creative love

1. Read my book, Daily Acts of Creativity, it offers a daily dose of inspiration and over 100 creative activities to prompt and infuse creativity into your routine. It’s a guide to making every day a canvas for self-expression and fulfillment.

2. Discover your inner artist in the wonderful world of watercolour painting as our VIP (very important painter) and join one of our Watercolour Workshops at the Lorn Rose Farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

3. Enjoy my rose pattern design illustration for Valentines Day. ©Amanda O’Bryan 2024

Amanda O'Bryan Rose Pattern Design
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