Spark your creativity, even in Mercury retrograde

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Spark your creativity, even in Mercury retrograde

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Creativity


Hello Creative QB’s,

Waiting for the planets to align? Or the moon to eclipse, mercury retrograde to fade and the universe to open before you can be creative?

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The energy of astrological events like Mercury Retrograde may help to ignite and focus your creative desires. You can choose to use that creative energy to harness productivity and clear some of those niggling blocks that have been stopping your creative flow.

But here is the thing – there is no need to wait for the perfect environment, situation, or circumstance to bring your creative spirit to life OR to blame astrological events like Mercury Retrograde when you “just don’t feel inspired”, even when it feels like the universe is not on our side.

I love me some good woo woo energy. It can bring an opportunity to receive much clarity and focus together with ideas and momentum. But don’t stress, or go into a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) if you feel you’re missed out on receiving creative divine intervention when the moon is full or the planets are aligned – it doesn’t work that way.

Your ability to be creative with consistency and joy doesn’t rely solely on astrological events, the wings of angels or the creative Gods to deliver. I do believe these things may assist you in creating rituals for clearing out old belief patterns and creating new intentions, but it is not the only creative force at play.

Creativity is not a result of one inspired bolt of inspiration coming out of the blue or planetary events. Your creativity already lives within you. It’s the work you do over time to awaken and enliven your muse that is more significant. It’s a series of many small strikes, jolting you awake and shining a light in your direction that strengthens creative muscle over time.

When you are in the flow of everyday creativity, you are far more open to little bolts of inspiration striking all the time, stimulating your creative energy, encouraging bigger, more inspired events – even when Mercury is in retrograde.

There are easy, everyday tools you can use right now to awaken your creativity. I have used these tools consistently throughout my life, it opened my world to the magic of creative possibility and helped re-imagined my life many times over.

No 1

The tool of daily journaling. When I was a kid, I called it ‘my diary’ and it wasn’t until I read Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way in my early twenties that I understood it to be part of my creative process. 

Writing two pages, in your own handwriting, every day is a constant companion in your creative life. There are really no rules, except, just write and keep writing. I guarantee that overtime your creativity will rise from the pages; ideas, drawings, emotions, memories, beliefs will all surface on the page and awaken your unique, personal creativity.

No 2

The second is clearing. Give your crystals a moon bath during a Mercury retrograde full moon cycle. Leave them outside overnight to allow all that moonshine to flow renewed energy through them.

No 3

The third everyday way is to create a space for creativity to flow easily and clearly. Once you have cleared out beliefs, clear out your creative space by de-cluttering. Whether it is your studio, a desk, a chair, a cupboard, clear out all the old bits of leftovers projects you don’t need anymore. Recycle what you can into a box for future creative projects and intentionally open your space to receive new ideas and opportunities, fresh ways of seeing and expressing in the world. A little sage burning or candle ritual also helps set the intention, if you feel inclined.

Do these three things, even when the moon is waning or Mercury is in retrograde and soon you will be your own creative energy force – no astrological events required!

Amanda ♥

A couple of the journals I have used all through my creative life.


I am Amanda O’Bryan, an artist, designer and author of the book ‘Daily Acts Of Creativity‘. I believe life is a masterpiece and we are the artists. On my blog you will find inspiration and resources to help you create your masterpiece of life. 

Daily Acts Of Creativity

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